BOTWs for Sunday, February 28, 2021

eddie hearn clothes

Okolie trying to rival Bellew in the book stakes

Ruiz won’t want the smoke off ThC DmT

LDBC having fits as we speak

Yes, the Greatest Of All Time retires

BOTW to the lads for getting photoshop spoofed

Back on Mick’s £1.99 PPVs for you

Eddie dressing in his pyjamas

Eddie again…

Yep, you guessed it – #EveningEddie

BOTWs for Sunday, February 21, 2021

What a tattoo and what a great BOTW

He was fine, when he woke up the next morning

McCall and Rahman were journeyman according to Mr Saturday Night Boxing

Can see why Bean is in to the netball

AB getting an unfair shake and Maidana’s gloves were loaded LOL

Life biting McComb hard

Shame Josh Kelly can’t dominate the elite like the Bomber

BOTWs for Sunday, February 14, 2021

Mike Breelan feeling the wrath of the Doctor

Lowe undressed and hands rape ready

Paddy gonna end up with a horse’s head on the pillow if he’s not careful

Rob’s DAZN subscription paying off as a smart investment

The first man since the last one you picked to beat him, Anthony?

Mosley’s found love again. Get the pre-nub sorted out, lad.

BOTWs for Sunday, February 7, 2021

Bomber burning off the baby weight

No idea what’s going on here but Shakur seems to be enjoying himself anyway

Can see WBC Moro running around in a pair of these

Matty: No love or joy in his life right now – so true

Assuming that applies to the Mrs, Tone?

Completely agree, Ant. Hate it when people do that…

These comparisons are ridicuous! So we heard from a source anyway

BOTWs for Sunday, January 24, 2021

Tony Bellew book cover

Just leave Bellew alone to write books

“Half worrier” – she should be worried with people like him about

Losing a couple of early rounds is life and death apparently

Surprised only 3+ years have escaped Hatton’s memory banks given his lifestyle

Nopa … just, nope.

Think you need to find a new sport, Darshan

Well they’re both, British, black and heavyweights so maybe that’s what he means

The gift that keeps on giving – Tony, what a legend

BOTWs for Sunday, January 17, 2021

Devin Haney compares himself to Floyd Mayweather…

Ebanie Bridges thirst squad in full swing

Could see the British Hair Clinic jumping on this soon

Casuals call for £100-plus Pay-Per-Views #ThankYouEddie

No idea what’s going on with poor old Nathan Cleverly

Don King still around in 2020, doing Don King things

BOTWs for Sunday, January 10, 2021

Ryan Garcia’s dad gets a unique compliment

Adrien Broner all set for ring return. It’ll be different this time…apparently

Adam Smith creating a bullshit narrative. Nothing changes.

What a bizarre account and a bizarre question

Tesco Joe on the WBC shortlist for Trainer of the Year

Coyle turning in to the new Eddie Hearn

IFL’s ‘Brutally Honest’ clickbait titles go global